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Sunday, March 8

Giveaways and Spring Fling!

The SITS girls are hosting a Spring Fling event this Tuesday, March 10th with a day of giveaways. Be sure and stop by to check out their many prizes along with links to tons of other blogs and giveaways (including mine, which you'll see more about tomorrow)!

Tiffany from SITS is also holding a fabulous giveaway for 2 $100 Target gift cards to celebrate her new position with Fishful Thinking, an initiative that offers parents tools for fostering optimism in kids. It really is a fantastic program and will be so helpful to so many kids. Check out The R Family Diaries for more info on this contest and this wonderful new initiative.

Veggie Mom, quite a generous gifter-awayer, is hosting yet another giveaway (and another, if you can believe it!) for an 8-pack of those rocking Popr's, Popr's t-shirts for your family and a $100 gift card to Target! Pictured below is Jammin, an Attitudester from Mannequin at Fractured Toy, having her own Popr's party.

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Funny in my mind said...

It has to be a really good movie to sit in a freezing theater for 2 hours for 16 dollars and crappy popcorn. My husband usually buys the movie later. We did hang the tv and it did not work correctly so we have to get Radio Shack out here to jack with it!! 50 inches of crap!