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Thursday, April 23

Walk for Breast Cancer & A Giveaway!

Nicole, fellow SITSta at Good Golly Miss Blondie is walking the Boston leg of the Avon Walk this year (that's OVER 40 miles!!), but she is short of her $1,800.00 goal (which she must have before she can walk) and her walk is fast approaching.

For every dollar (even if it's only ONE!) you donate through her official Avon Walk site (this also helps assure you it's legit) you'll get an automatic 10 entries into her giveaways, which are fabulous.

You'll also get an entry per dollar over at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom for a beautiful necklace from Cookie Lee Jewelry, valued at $35.

Here's Dipaola Mom's Q&A interview with Nicole (which I copied and pasted):
Q.Why the Avon Breast Cancer Walk?
A.I'm a big fan of boobies, lol. Actually my SIL walked it last year and is walking again this year, so she asked me to be on her team. Breast Cancer affects so many of us, I wanted to be able to help in some way.
Q.Do you train? DiPaola Momma didn’t do nearly enough of that!
A.I started training a few weeks ago and I'm up to 8 miles, which sounds pretty good until I remind myself I have to walk 40!
Q.How do you get stains out of your whites?
A.Believe it or not...Lestoil, the stuff is amazing!
Q.Have any questions for others who have done the walk or walks like it?
A.Yes, how do I prevent blisters?Will the Sox win the series.. If so what COLOR socks will they be wearing (yes this is a loaded question from the wife of a (insert shameful blush here) Yankees fan)?
A.I'm gonna go with theres a good chance and it'll be RED!
Q.Do you have any idea how many MORE miles than the 40 they SAY you’ll walk, you’ll actually be walking?
A.Any extra miles, I plan to crawl.
Q.What kinds of fundraisers have you done so far?
A.begging, groveling, guilt-tripping. Haha. But seriously, I've just asked people at work, sent out emails, and I've offered people 10 extra entries into my giveaways for donating any amount.
Q. You’ve got a GREAT blog! How ever do you find the time for the rest of your life?
A.Wait?! I'm supposed to have a life other than my blog?

Here's the link to Nicole's walk page for donations, thanks again!
If you want to send donations by mail you can contact Nicole via email (you'll find that in her profile) and she'll give you that info. You'll also get a tax ID number if you want to deduct your donation.

Just for good measure, you can help fight breast cancer by joining Army of Women here:

(I'm -that's me again, RAS - turning off comments to this post so that everyone knows to visit Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom and/or Nicole's blog for more information and to enter the giveaways.

FYI: I posted this because I'm an advocate for eliminating breast cancer, not for the extra entries. I'll be donating (it won't be much, but every bit helps), also not for extra entries, but because I'm feeling pulled to do so.