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Monday, August 3

More group therapy with the Grandmas... no more boo-hisses from me.

I've been going to boot camp style work-outs now since January. My Monday night sessions with Trainer Girl, a handful of fabulous grandmothers and most recently another young'en such as myself. The grandmas look great, especially my mom and aunt, and the girl who's my age (round-about) who's getting married soon has a visibly improved waistline. Mine, however, has not changed at all.

I take that back. In six months, I lost 5 pounds and a few inches. It was good, I was feeling better and my clothes were falling off. Wii Fit even said, "that's normal." Once. Then we took a vacation and in one week I gained back the entire five pounds. Since then, I've gained another five and my once loose-fitting pants are now impossible to button out of the dryer. Boo hiss.

So... there's a new challenge on the table, and I'm going to win. I need to lose 20 pounds. NEED to. Ten weeks, twenty pounds. The loser has to buy a pedi for the winner. First weigh-in was last Monday, this week we're off because Trainer Girl is on a body-breaking retreat. I haven't been totally with it this last week, but today was the day. I started a healthy diet. I'm going to look fabulous by my birthday!

Okay, the two cocktails and large piece of fudge weren't the best choices, but I didn't have any ice cream or anything fried. For me, this is fantastic. Plus, I ran this morning, which is something I'm going to have to start doing nearly every day. Blugh. I can do this, though.


Scary Mommy said...

Good for you!! It's so hard, isn't it? Impossibly fucking hard.

carma said...

That all sounds like torture (said as I down half a bag of trail mix with peanut butter, and white chocolate chips) :D

Sassy Britches said...

My behind is right behind you, woman!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

You can do it - and I only hope I can, too. I'm down to only needing to get rid of ten, which I'm sure I could do if I would get my ass off this computer chair and get back to exercising.

I hope those two cocktails had some kind of fruit juice in them (or even a lemon twist) because, IMO, that makes them a healthy drink. :)

Kathy B! said...

I'm rootin' for 'ya!

If anyone can do it, you can :)

Just stay away from the fudge!

Grand Pooba said...

Go, go, go! I love hearing about other people's fitness plans. Get's me inspired. Too bad the inspiration doesn't make it to the gym :(

Corinne said...

You can do it!! :)

I need to get on board with eating better and working out again... I got to my goal weight earlier this summer, and now I'm pretty well past it again... ugh!

Michelle said...

Good luck! I swear. And don't run every day. Go to and download the podcast for C25K. Follow it. Totally works :) And yeah... those pounds come back awfully fast, don't they?