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Wednesday, September 2

The Bad Mommy Weekly, issue 6; Boink!

A little back story, and more information about potty learning you never think of until you're right in the middle of it:

It's a lot easier to keep dry in the daytime. I remember my mom limiting my liquids before bedtime. Granted, my bladder is the size of a pea (pun intended), and I'm sure it was necessary. But this isn't about me (or rather, it isn't about me as a child - it's about me as a bad mommy).

I let Monsoon drink as much water as he wants, just about anytime - including at night. When he stopped using diapers, I stopped buying them. Completely. This meant no nighty-night diapers, either. Unfortunately, at the time, he consumed most of his daily liquid with dinner. To solve the problem, before we went to bed - which was still a couple hours after he went to sleep - we got him up to pee. It worked. He always went right back to sleep. No problem. Perfect. Now he's 4, not 2 anymore, and we still do this. Not great, but at least he doesn't wet the bed.

The other night, I hauled his little sleepy butt over to the potty, let him finish his business, and stood him up to pull up his pajamas. Too bad he wasn't awake enough to hold his head up. I was trying to pull up his pants when I heard a loud "boink!" as his head hit the corner of the cabinet. Then he was awake. Bumped, bruised and screaming, and awake.

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Amy said...

I put my little one into her crib right after the light went out. I did not have time to adjust my eyes and she hit her head on the crib. It took me forever to get her to bed. Now I place her in there with the lights on and then turn them off. We all learn.

Kathy B! said...

But he stayed dry...!

And he has ammunition for future guilt trips. I'd call that a success!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Bad mommy! Poor kiddo...what a way to be woken up!

Jennifer said...

Poor Monsoon. First his legs are all numb because he can't wipe his on bottom and now he's got a big goose egg on his head. :(

Grand Pooba said...

Oh poor little sleepy guy! That was totally not your fault, I don't think that counts as a bad mommy moment!

Sassy Britches said...

Is it bad that I let out a bark of laughter just now? Am I a bad mommy by default? :)

Michelle said...

Oops. But hey, I bet you won't let him boink again, right? ;) This is where I am glad we still have pull-ups. Little Miss can't sleep through any disturbance and she's NOwhere near staying dry at night. Ahhh for the freedom of not buying -- and disposing of -- pull-ups!