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Tuesday, November 24

Family movie night w/ foxy Jason Schwartzman

I love movies. I'm always on the look-out for family movies that I can watch with Monsoon while we cuddle on the couch with popcorn and hot cocoa for our very own family movie night, or even movies that make this frugal mommy want to pay full price to see at the theatre.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of those. I have been watching out for it since we saw the previews a couple of months ago. When I got an invitation to participate in a phone call with Jason Schwartzman (Ash in the movie), you can imagine how I screamed and jumped up and down (and subsequently tripped, bumped my head, bruised my leg and jumped right back up to scream some more) out of excitement.

Let me tell you, foxy Mr. Jason did not disappoint. Down to Earth and very real, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire phone conference. His description alone of this film made me want to jump up and cheer.

I asked if he could relate to his character, Ash, and how. Turns out this guy - who at least two of my friends want to marry - was a small kid with self-esteem issues, too. If he had seen this film as a child, he believes it would have helped him cope with some of those issues that most kids deal with at one point or another, like feeling too small and unimportant to go for the girl or try out for the team.

I think Mr. Schwartzman is quite an example himself. He may have been a small kid then, but digging in the dirt and playing around like an animal with the likes of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, & Bill Murray... that's big kid stuff, boys and girls.

Even better than all that, he got to talk to me (I already told you I'm famous). He was totally impressed with my blog name, and even asked how I came up with it. Who cares if I stumbled over my words and said nothing coherent or meaningful at the time - I can think of plenty to say next time we talk. I'm sure he'll call. We're best friends now, after all, even if he didn't say it. I know what he was thinking, "Wow, that's Ashley... she's the coolest stranger ever!" Well, right back at ya, buddy. Right back at ya.

Don't forget to check out my giveaway for a FANTASTIC MR. FOX tail tie, where you can also read the full synopsis of the film.


Eva Gallant said...

I'm really concerned that all these show biz connections are going to eventually go to your head, and you'll no longer have any time for us nobodies in bloggy land.

Come enter my naughty give away! I think you'll like it!

singedwingangel said...

ooh I will have to find this movie for my son.. you are such a riot I love reading your blog lol

Amy said...

I have seen the previews for this right? It is the one that is coming out? Have a great day..

adrienzgirl said...

I am totally excited for this one. I have been disappointed with the kids movies as of late and I think this one looks like a refreshing change of pace! YEAH!

Tater Tot Mom said...

Wow how awesome is that!

Grand Pooba said...

Are you for real? Can I have your autograph?

La Mere Joie said...

We are really looking forward to seeing this movie too. Looks really cute. That's pretty cool you got to do a conference call with Jason!

H F W said...

We'll definitely check it out.
And I'm really awesomely impressed that you are meeting all these celebs via phone. Remember me when your blog name is in lights, mmk? Pretty please!!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I'm pretty sure he won't have time to call you. He was WAY too into me. I could tell. It was so obvious.


Ah...dream on, dream on.

Jenn said...

This movie does look good and you got to talk to a star! Totally worth the bruises from falling down, I think.

Evan said...

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Anonymous said...

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