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Wednesday, February 24

Two kids are funnier than one.

Things overheard from Monsoon (4) and cousin Sassy(3) since we got to our hotel yesterday evening:

Sassy: "I'm hunnnngryyy."
Me: "I'm getting dinner ready now."
Sassy: "Let's just eat crap first." (potato chips and suckers)
I thought this was much funnier before my husband explained how he told her potato chips and suckers were "crap" food. Gah, it can't be the first time she's heard the word crap. I hope.

I asked them both to brush their teeth before bed, and of course forgot to get them tooth paste until after they started. When I tried to put it on then, Sassy thought she already had tooth paste and didn't want me to put it on her tooth brush. Monsoon, apparently, has learned the fine (and annoying) art of tattling.
Monsoon, to Sassy: "Blugh, you're breaf smells hoooorible."
Monsoon, to me: "Sassy did NOT use toof-paste."

Me and the kids laid down for bedtime and apparently I was the most sleepy. I was almost out when I heard the husband shut the bathroom door and...
Sassy, whispering: "Come on, Monsoon. Let's get some chips!"
Monsoon: "We can't!" (I'm so proud)
Sassy: "Why?"
Monsoon: "Because! Only my mommy is asleep right now." (sneaky thing)

We registered for a live MagiQuest scavenger hunt game, and the lady asked me what Sassy's screen name would be. Sassy promptly replied (as if our lives depended on it to be exactly right), "Jewel. Of. Liiiife."

All this and it's only been a few hours so far. Hopefully I can sleep past 5am the rest of the week - I have a feeling I'll need the extra rest. Although, it is nice having time to write a blog post before anyone else is awake...


singedwingangel said...

roflmbo @ jewel of life too cute... doncha love little kids and the things they say and when you put 2 together it gets even more interesting

Call Me Cate said...

Adorable. Seems the only thing more interesting than watching the world through a child's eyes is to give that child a partner in crime.

Jingle said...

HA!!!! SO funny! At least you are entertained all day! LOL!

Eva Gallant said...

Kids can bo so funny! Love it!

Hyacynth said...

lol! I can't wait to see what else they get into ... I'm sure it will be more than a desire for chips.

Donnetta said...


Nothing better than comic relief from the babes!

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