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Wednesday, August 3

You know you're an ECE professional when...

I used to love being a preschool teacher. I still like it, but probably it's not as fun when at the end of the day, I don't want to play with my own young child. When Monsoon is a bit older, I look forward to enjoying my profession a bit more. For now, it's an 8-hour-a-day guilt trip followed by a couple hours of tantrums over a "bleh, gross!" dinner; *Sob* Why can't I have a snaa-haa-haack?; cheating at CandyLand; brush your teeth or they'll turn back and fall out; and please get your flipping pajamas on before I sew them to your butt!

Then I pass out and dream about the daily rituals of being a preschool teacher.

  • You can hold your bladder so long that by the time you finally make it to the bathroom, you get bored waiting on yourself to finish peeing.

  • If you didn't love potty humor, you'd be stark raving mad by now.

  • You can no longer smell when someone is poopy, but you instantly recognize the tell-tale butt bullet.

  • At the end of the day, your kid asks, "did anyone pee on you today, Mommy?" before he hugs you.

  • You've skipped lunch because you won't eat something with sneeze on it.

  • If you made a word cloud of everything you say in a day, POOP would take the most prominent position in the display.

  • You've laughed and cried at the same time more than once. This week. You may also have peed a little.

  • When a kid actually pees in his own face (and yeah, he did), you do your laugh-and-cry thing for the week.

  • You say things like, "We sit next to our friends, not on them" and "The toilet is for pottying, not for playing" or even "Underwear first, THEN pants."

  • You want to say things like, "Ewww!" and "Ewwwww!!" or even "EEEWWWW!!!"

  • People with other jobs couldn't possibly laugh as much as you do on a work day.

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Eva Gallant said...

I substituted for a kindergarten teacher once. Never again. God bless you! You have much more patience than I do! Love that you laugh so much during your day, though! Also love the term "butt bullet."