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Wednesday, January 28

Thursday's Things







Welcome to the first ever edition of: THURSDAY'S THINGS! Anyone can participate by posting about any THING, be it a favorite, a new discovery, something you can't live without or something you despise. You can include descriptions, photos, reasons it's great (or NOT great!) and/or anything else you can think of. Share your THINGS!

The category of my first Thursday's Things post is Child-Friendly Family Games. **YOUR post does NOT have to match my theme, so go on and share anyTHING.**

1.)My First UNO. They come in various styles (ours feature characters from "Where The Wild Things Are"). The game is suited for children 3+ and is simplified with matching pics along with each number, so kids can learn to recognize numerals but can play even before they do.

BONUS: It's actually fun for us, too.


EXTRA: The little "Game Wright" Card Holder pictured is great for little hands. It works well for kids who understand the games they are playing and don't need you to tell them what cards to play. It lets them learn to think critically and make their own decisions. **Found the game and card holder at Target**

2.) HULLABALOO from Cranium. Think Twister for kids, but less twisting. A voice in the speaker gives commands like, "jump to a triangle" or "hop to an animal" while playing silly music. There are two settings, beginner and advanced. Box says for ages 4+, but Monsoon is 3 and plays with us just fine. Each session is only a couple minutes long, but you can play over and over again depending on how much time you've got... or energy! *

3.) CARIBOO. Again, you just can't go wrong with Cranium for putting learning and fun together. There are beginner (shown) and advanced level cards, great for younger preschoolers to kindergartners and even fun for parents. Under each "door" is a space where one of six balls might be hiding. Use a key to open doors, depending on the color/shape/number/letter prompt from the draw pile. When all the treasure balls are collected, the treasure chest opens up.

Participate in THURSDAY'S THINGS!

Talk about food, games, household supplies, restaurants, appliances, electronics, stores, magazines... anyTHING! Leave the link to your Thursday's Things post on Mr. Linky (hope it works - it's my first time) and leave a comment. Thanks!


Amber said...

He still takes the milk...we were out this morning, so he had an extra special treat. When we finally ran into the store to get milk, he said "Miwk!!" He loves milk.

melanie @ don't expect much said...

All three of these are AWESOME family-friendly games! I'd also add a plain old deck of cards for some fast and furious "Go Fish!" :)

joanofalltrades said...

Thanks...I always wondered what Hullabaloo was. I will always love's a timeless game.

Carol said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I am Carol, Miss Anne's mother-in-law.I love your blog,

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Oh crum - I posted a link before I realized it had to be a game. I should read more closely. I apologize (but it IS a cool thing for kids that I coincidentally posted about today).

Miss Anne said...

love the uno card holder! I want one! :)

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

Mrs. Jelly Belly: Your theme doesn't have to be the same as mine. I should have been more clear. Sorry.

Melanie: Go Fish is a good one, thanks.

Joan: I know, UNO is a lifetime favorite.

Miss Anne: It's great, we love it. Target, baby.

Michelle said...

Oh how fun. I love the card holder idea. Mister Man is getting really into playing cards but can't quite hold them yet. And we love Caribou and Hullaballoo around here, too. Great games! Have you found the Animal Scramble and similar games yet?

For the watermelon granita, it's super easy. I posted my recipe for mojito granitas awhile ago (it's under my recipes), and it's very similar. Puree a watermelon's pink part. Add just a tiny touch of sugar and some lime juice and freeze, scraping it with a fork every half hour or so. I post new recipes every Tuesday.

Thanks so much for stoppping by my blog today. The SITS feature was so much fun, and I really appreciate all the wonderful comments. I hope you'll come back to visit again soon!