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Do you ever have one of those moments where you think, "HA! I am sane!" Then you step in dog poo with your bare feet and remember it was your idea to get the puppy...?

Monday, July 6

Not Me! Not my husband

This edition of Not Me! Monday is dedicated to my husband, who absolutely, positively, 100% did NOT do any of these things.

Since I did NOT wait til the last minute to make an appointment for Sprinkles at the goomers, hubs did NOT shave poor, poor puppy with the clippers and make her look pitiful (and I totally did NOT help). She does NOT now look like a drowned rat even while dry.

Hubs also did NOT possibly give himself a stress fracture last week while running (because he would never forget to stretch beforehand) and then did NOT spend most of the 4th getting his butt kicked at wiffle ball, NOT running around like an idiot, surely NOT because he drank an entire cooler of YingLing (which I'm sure I spelled correctly). His foot did NOT hurt even more the next day. *sigh* (At least he didn't get the riding mower out like last year and spend an hour cutting the grass for fireworks... even though nobody could find where any grass had actually been cut other than one single circle).

Yesterday, of course he listened to me when I told him how to grill the pizza, so he did NOT burn it and would NEVER blame me for having to eat blackened crust. Nope, it just was NOT that bad.

What did you (or your significant idiot other) NOT do this week? Head over to MckMama to participate and see what everyone else hasn't been into!


Shelly said...

Poor puppy! Looking like a rat probably has hurt her little feelings. lol

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

My husband did NOT forget to put sunscreen on his back (I managed to do my own) and get horribly sunburned. He did NOT wince and cringe and whine like a baby everytime I put lotion on his back. Men!

H F W said...

Our husbands could get along famously and not do a bunch of really hilarious but kinda silly things together.

My husband did not lay my toddler down on the floor of a public restroom to change his diaper thus dirtying the very essence of my poor little guy and nescesitating a scrub down when we returned home. No way. He'd never ever be so disgusting as to do that.

Poor Sprinkles ... at least she's not Stinkles, though, since she's shaved.

Aunt Julie said...

My husband did NOT decide to work most of the day on the 4th! Listen, thanks for stopping by to bid Veggie Mom adieu...I realize I have really BIG shoes to fill, but I'm up to the challenge. Look forward to seeing you over at my new place!

Anonymous said...

Oooh grilled pizza sounds yummy! My hubby loves yingling too.

carma said...

Husbands are stubborn creatures - nuff said..

Amy said...

He did not spill his soda all over the floor and then try and clean it up to only find a sticky kitchen later on that day.

Michelle said...

And here I thought my family was the only ones who did the annual Fourth of July Wiffle Ball game. Which I totally didn't outshine my husband at. And did not have a great slide into second... which did not grass stain ruin the shorts I was wearing, oops.

My husband did not step on my sunglasses and break them. Nor did he strike out three times at wiffle ball. Nor did he forget to put bug spray on the wee ones so that Little Miss has a giant mosquito bite on her face (you'll see it in a post soon). Nor did he show up late to my family's party after forgetting that there WAS one and instead go hang out with his baseball buddies after their game was over. Oh, and he totally didn't forget to feed the wee ones breakfast on Saturday after I left early to go reserve spots for the parade. In the rain.

Grand Pooba said...


poor wittle dwowned wat!

Anita said...

Hey, I found your blog through MckMama's... what a great "not me" post! It's so fun to browse through them and get a few chuckles of all the things we "dont do".
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Debbie said...

Your husband had a bad week!

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

Sorry about your dog. I know how awful that looks. My dad does this and it looks terrible everytime.

Husbands just don't listen to their wives. Why is this? I had this same issue with mine today. Everything I said to him had only fallen on deaf ears.

Valerie said...

Ok what is YingLing? lol My hubs had a gout attack Friday went to doctor partied and drank all weekend and it started hurting again on Monday. My idiot (huh stirke that) honey is really smart.

Kathy B! said...

RAS! You are seriously letting us down. Where is the puppy picture?! We must see this drowned rat, er, dog!

Bee and Rose said...

What a great Not Me Monday post!! lol! (My husband did not annoy me all week by whining about needing a new iPhone...ugh!)