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Friday, July 3

Flashback Friday: What were they thinking?

I always thought of my folks as responsible, loving parents. A bit extreme about sticking to rules and curfews and nonsense, but at least they cared. There are times, however, that I look back on and wonder what they were thinking.

I remember sitting in the living room with my mom and sister watching tv or something. My dad had gone somewhere and left my brother to finish his race car for boy scouts. Oscar, maybe a tweenager, was in the garage... by himself. Using a saw. Nobody seemed bothered by this, until the awful screeching (think Little Mermaid, Arial's birdy friend Scuttle) like someone's arm was being ripped from his torso. You can imagine the speed with which my mother ran to the garage, my sister and I following in her wake.

Oh, the surprise to find him belting out lyrics to "You make me feel like a natural woman..." (Don't blame him - that song was quite catchy when you heard it every other commercial break for Lee Jeans). He was equally surprised to look up and find us staring him down.

Now I look back on it and think, What the hell, Mom and Dad? I couldn't go out with that nose-ring guy on his motorcycle at 13, but you let Oscar stay in the garage with the saw after that episode? Life is so not fair sometimes.

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Jasie VanGesen said...

It amazes me the things I wasn't allowed to do when kids on farms were driving tractors and kids like your brother were allowed to use the saw. Heh. My mom wouldn't even let me mow the lawn (don't know why I wanted to, but I did)... she was convinced I'd chop my toe off. Way to have confidence in me, mom.

carma said...

Parents are funny like that- the things they "fixate" on when there are bigger issues to be concerned about - like use of saws!!

Julia said...

Lets see. Nope. We were perfect. Ha! Now I am guessing you may not believe that one but it is true. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;P

Have a great 4th of July!!!

Michelle said...

Yeah... sometimes I wonder what they were thinking. Like when my mom had me run around in the yard naked to eat popsicles and then would hose me off before I went back inside. Wow. :)

AVONLadyinSC said...

Sounds like my parents, my youngest brother could do anything he wanted but me..who never got into trouble lived in rule city..who do you think turned out better? Me..but he's so much fun and not so high strung...your post made me laugh so hard..I can completely see my brother doing that..ok now I'm laughing so hard again thanks :)

Melissa B. said...

Oh, the cliffhanger twist gets me every time! I'm surprised Oscar didn't damage his manhood with all of the screeching going on...BTW, you're not the only one whose parentals had double standards for the girls and for the boys...

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I wasn't sure where you were going with that (and I'm guessing that was the point) but I was worried.

Too funny!