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Do you ever have one of those moments where you think, "HA! I am sane!" Then you step in dog poo with your bare feet and remember it was your idea to get the puppy...?

Thursday, October 29

Kidlit Query Contest

I know some of you out there are writers, so if you have any finished manuscripts in the young adult, middle grade or picture book category, pick out your best and enter your query in's query contest. It ends this Saturday, Oct 31st.

Even if you aren't quite ready to query, I recommend hitting up agent Mary Kole's site for a slew of helpful information, no matter what type of writing you do. Her blog is welcoming and full of insight.

Warning: you might be there for hours without realizing how much time has passed and suddenly find yourself still in pajamas when you should be starting dinner. It didn't happen to me, of course - I'm always on top of things like time. And pajamas.


adrienzgirl said...

Thanks for the tip. Oh, and totally love that you don't lose track of time and don't stay in your pjays all day!

We should all strive to be more like you!


jmberrygirl said...

Thanks! What is it with writers, time and pj's? Think it's a byproduct of the creativity?

H F W said...

I wish I had something totally completed. Thanks for the link for the future!

Grand Pooba said...

I only wish that would happen to me.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Maybe I shouldn't even go there then cuz, well, ya know... it has happened to me.