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Friday, January 16

The Fabulous Miss Weiner

Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!

In honor of my best friend (since sixth grade, no less!), I'm posting the most heinous picture ever made of her.. except for that sixth grade school photo where she looked like my Aunt Rita who was in her sixties at the time, and in the yearbook next to that pic was the name "Weiner." Not her name at all, but it's what they printed.

This picture is special because it was taken at my 30th birthday party, where I gathered all my best girlfriends and made them dress up in hideous formal dresses. And they did it. For me.

In addition to wearing the sequined numbers and piling on gawdy jewelry, we traded outfits every hour or two, so everyone got to prance around in fabulous "don'ts" of various colors and styles.

As if that weren't enough, I put together a special prize for the winner of a hot potato contest. My dear friend, Miss Weiner here, won a shoe box stuffed with lime green knee highs; a purple mullet wig/hat; plastic corsage; angel wings; and a few other odds and ends. She got to (was forced to) wear it all evening on top of her lovely dresses, this one circa 1983.

A true friend, she obliged my need for controlling the insanity of rounding another decade. This is the thanks she gets.

Happy 30th Birthday Week To YOU, Miss Weiner!

P.S. She is really very beautiful - it's only fair that she has an awful picture floating around.

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Glenda, saved by grace said...

how funnn!

Susie said...

Great picture!! I hope she has a great birthday:-)

KGW said...

You are just wrong for posting that picture of your friend. LOL! She must have a great sense of humor as do you. I hope you all have fun celebrating Miss Weiner's Bday!

andrea said...

Oh my goodness...god help you if your friend has a blog;)

Thanks for coming by, it's always nice to meet new people who haven't yet tired of my funny.


Ryan Ashley Scott@Opitimistic Cyicism said...

Glenda: yes, it was so much fun!

Susie: She'll be surrounded by friends tomorrow.

KGW (AND) andrea: She saw it, snarked at me for it, and all is forgiven because of the nice things I said about her.

andrea: see above, in case you missed your name there.

Next Friday I will probably be required to post some awful pic of my own to truly redeem our friendship. Where is that book of matches....?

KGW said...

Drop by my blog and pick up your award!

Candid Carrie said...

See ... further proof that everyone one needs at least one decent wiener in their life.

Thanks for participating again!



Ryan Ashley Scott@Opitimistic Cyicism said...

Candid Carrie: Bwahahaha! You are so right! Thanks for hosting this Friday Fun.