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Monday, January 12

Tip O' The Mornin' To Ya

In the spirit of healthy living in the new year, I'm posting what I think may have been a secret of success for ice cream lovers everywhere. At least, it was a secret well-kept from me until recently.

If you cut up a banana, freeze it for an hour or so, then put it in a blender (or food processor, which works much better), do you know what you get? Banana ice cream!

There is more great news, since some of us (ME) wouldn't consider a banana, no matter the consistency, any form of treat substitute. You can make multiple flavors of ice cream with that one little gem of a trick.

  1. Strawberry ice cream: Add a cup of frozen/halved strawberries to it.
  2. Chocolate ice cream: Sprinkle in some cocoa/sugar (or splenda, etc...) mix into it
  3. Peanut Butter ice cream: Throw in a scoop of PB
  4. Other ideas: Add frozen peaches/ blueberries/ lemon juice/ corn/ peas/ spinach..
Oh, am I getting carried away? At least you're paying attention.
Maybe don't try the veggies?
Liquid As Needed: You'll want to pour in some milk and/or yogurt, depending on the additions you made and the consistency you want. (You don't need any for the plain banana ice cream)
  • For an added health benefit, I sometimes blend in some low-fat ricotta.
  • If you use yogurt, try a Greek style for extra protein and less sugar.
  • Anyone who likes chunks of berries in your ice cream, save some til last and stir them in so they don't get pureed.
  • As an extra sweet bonus, blend in a tiny bit of sugar or splenda or whatever you use.
  • Top off a sundae with "low sugar" or "added calcium" varieties of chocolate syrup, a squirt of light real whipped cream, and a sprinkle of slivered almonds or chopped walnuts
  • Make a smoothie w/ fruit juice instead of milk (I was kidding about the spinach above, but you can actually use green juice and a tiny bit of vanilla in a smoothie and it tastes good).
  • Use leftover ice cream (if you have any, which you probably won't) for popsicles.

I had strawberry ice cream for breakfast today. No, I didn't share - I waited til the boys left the house before I made it! And no, I'm not awful. I made extra for popsicles. It will probably be Monsoon's lunch since he only eats the rolls at preschool (how can I blame him when he tells me, "You make the best food, Mommy. I don't yike yunch at schoo-ahh"). Yeah, of course I had to add some cuteness to this very un-cute but healthy post.

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