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Do you ever have one of those moments where you think, "HA! I am sane!" Then you step in dog poo with your bare feet and remember it was your idea to get the puppy...?

Monday, January 12

On Candyland:

My husband: "I'm King Nut."

Me: "Monsoon, are you playing? It's been your turn for a while."

Monsoon: "All the part of my bodies aren't firing up."

Me: "What the heck color am I?"

Hubby: "I'm King Nut."

Monsoon: "Hey, it's my turn!"

Me: "It's my turn. You stopped participating ten minutes ago."

Hubby: "I'm King Nut."

Monsoon: "I don't think Daddy's playing anymore."

Me: "He's playing, just not the same game."

Monsoon: "I WEEEEN! Weeener Weener Chicken Deeener!"

Me: "Winner, honey. It's winner, not weeener."

And no, he didn't win. I suppose I should have told him... but then I would have had to keep playing.

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wendy said...

I remember times when that game lasted (NO LIE) an HOUR!! Ugh!