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Monday, February 2

Not Me!

I've been seeing some fun posts for Not Me Monday, so I'm trying it out. There is much more Not Me! fun over at My Charming Kids, so click the link at the top of this post to participate.

First off, I am NOT sitting here trying to occupy myself with things that don't need to be done while my short story which is NOT to be read by peers in three days does NOT sit untouched since it was butchered by three people who could have guessed that I did NOT scrap it together last minute which is why is was NOT the worst thing I have ever written.

I do not use run-on sentences. Nope, not me.

I also did NOT eat eight cookies and a bowl of chocolate ice cream with potato chips last night while NOT watching the super-blah-bowl. Never.

I am NOT feeling crabby and cruddy for no reason... all week. I do NOT miss Monsoon terribly and do NOT, not even a little bit, wish he was home today playing UNO with me instead of having fun at school with his friends. Not me!

I am also NOT dreading group therapy with grandmas tonight and am certainly NOT thinking of skipping out because of a sore throat (Not laziness!).

Last but NOT least, I am NOT contemplating a nap this morning while no one is here to see how lazy I am NOT being.


joanofalltrades said...

LOL! I am NOT feeling just as lazy as you today and completely avoiding work even though I have tons to do. Funny post as always!

Megan said...

Aww, hope you feel better!

(a tip: if you add the html code from McMama's site into the HTML portion of your blog template (when you're typing it up), it will show the picture the way it should instead of just the link. ;0) )

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

Joan: We are so NOT lazy!

Megan: Thanks. I'll try to fix it. Good thing I don't mind if anyone knows what an idiot I am! :) Knew I should've asked hubby before publishing...

Aunt Spicy said...

And I am NOT siting here laughing at what a wonderfully humorous blog you have ;)

Thanks for stopping by, I adore this blog of yours!

Veggie Mom said...

Love your "Nots." And I am Not about to judge someone who procrastinates...ESPECIALLY if she's feeling cruddy!

Anonymous said...

I'm a run-onner-sentencer person too!

Anonymous said...

PS Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my "My Story" post.


Pink Ink said...

You write short stories, too? I love 'em. But I dread the critiques. :-)