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Wednesday, May 20

6 Happy Things

My friend Jennifer at Mamma Made It Look Easy tagged me to list 6 things that make me happy that aren't really important (although it has been pointed out that simply making a person happy is quite important in it's own right). Jennifer also mentioned she'd rather have done a list of 6 things that piss her off, which I think would be fun as well. Anyone wishing to participate in either game, please do.

  1. Remembering to bring my reusable grocery bags to the store, and hearing Monsoon remind other people that "plastic bags are not healthy for the Earf." Yeah, it's probably only funny to me.

  2. The end of every Group Therapy with Grandmas session.

  3. Listening to a saved voicemail from Monsoon when he was 18 months old and figured out how to call me. It mostly consists of giggles and "no" repeatedly and the sound of running while Daddy's in the background trying to get the phone from him.

  4. Looking at all the flowers I've just planted. Before they wilt and die.

  5. Reading! To Monsoon, to myself, whatever. Today he asked me, "What are you reading in your brain?" I was reading silently to myself.

  6. Tricking Monsoon into eating something gross by telling him it's candy. (Harry Potter jelly beans - they make a great minute. Don't forget your camera)


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great list! I love the little stories about Monsoon...the phone message, the reading in your brain! But of course I especially love the story about the little environmentalist out to protect our Earf! Way to go Monsoon!

Jenny-Jenny said...

I love the list! Funny how it's the little things that mean the most.

Megan said...

Haha "What are you reading in your brain?" heeheehee Love it!

Jennifer said...

"Reading in your brain." That is awesome. I love that picture.

And thanks for participating.

Anonymous said...

I did this a while back on my blog. You can check it out.

I love all your little stories about Monsoon and the things he says. "Plastic bags are not healthy for the earf" Too cute!

Michelle said...

You are a deliciously evil mom. I love it!

I'm still cracking up over the icks you're making him eat... and memorializing :)

A Cheap Chick said...

Little things are always the best! I love to look at my flowers & always plant way too many! I love to dig into the earf. Sorry, couldn't resist. LOL

Debbie said...

Aren't we usually done with all these illnesses by the end of May? I woke up sick yesterday. I don't like it.

Sassy Britches said...

I LOVE listening to old voice mails! I have a bunch of them saved on one of those itty bitty tapes so I can listen to them when I'm feeling blue!

This was my first time reading about the Group Therapy with can you NOT love this? :P

Nikki said...

#1 is pretty funny