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Tuesday, June 9


I found something interesting over at Sassy Britches today, who found it over at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit...
Em In Pursuit

This is for those of us who have been too busy to post or comment due to the excitement/anxiety of cramming all our warm-weather fun into three short months. I certainly haven't been posting regularly, and not for lack of subject matter. We've been OUT. We've been DOING stuff. We've been SEEN! It's all very nice and, because I'm so interesting and you're salivating for juicy "australia" stories (eww) and potty humor, you'll hear all about them when I'm tired of looking at the sun (not directly, of course) or if Hubs decides to take Monsoon on that camping trip without me AND my house gets cleaned. Okay, yeah you're right - the house won't be clean. I'm still here every day, but for far fewer hours.
I promise to get back to commenting around the blogosphere like a cyber-hooker again when things cool down, but for now, I'm probably on the corner like a real hooker down the street chasing after the ice cream truck.

here to read Em's oath and join the the P.O.S. (prisoner of summer) Blogger Alliance with one of several fab buttons she has arranged for us.


Kathy B! said...

P.O.S. sounds pretty darn good. We are still a prisoner of school for 15 more days, and I can't wait to join you!!

the ungourmet said...

Those are super cute buttons! I'm sure I will cut be cutting back a bit. Maybe. :0)

Michelle said...

Must be nice... I'm waiting to be taken POS. I just have to wait for summer to get here first. Still jackets and long sleeves and jeans weather here. *sigh* And tomorrow is the last day of school :)

Glad to see you happy!

The Cookie Girl said...

PLease wear sun goggles when staring directly into the rays. LOL
Good to see you are POS that is definitely not a bad thing. Enjoy your SUMMER!

Lauren From Texas said...

cyber-hooker... pahahaha!!! thanks for stopping by!! your blog is adorable :)

Debbie said...

I love this idea. I am so far behind!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I love that you have been "seen." I think I want to do that too...I am just not sure by whom.

Blogging can wait for when the sunshine disappears.


Grand Pooba said...

Look at me look at me! I can comment now! YAY

Hey, it's summer, who wants to stay inside on the computer all day?

Not me!

I take mine outside :)

Bee and Rose said...

LOL! I just posted my POS button this morning from Em!

Don't be hooking on my street corner! I need to use it to so I can pay for my daughter's Irish dance stuff! lol!

Anonymous said...

I've been a slacker too.

And I totally need to clean my house!

H F W said...

I'm so there, too. I have TONS to say, per normal ... but I really like the sun ... and even more honestly, my fellow bloggers really like the sun and my stories don't hold a candle to the great outdoors!
Yours on the other hand ... well, I'm here, aren't I? :)

Call Me Cate said...

My computer is portable so I blog from the porch. But I don't really have any excuse not to blog in the summer. Work remains the same.

Without kids, sometimes the seasons come and go without a major change in activities.

Julia said...

"cyber hooker" LOL!!!!! Bwahhhhhh!