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Tuesday, August 18

TAT: Just pee in the ocean

When we went on vacation back in June, my husband was just a couple weeks into his summer classes and still had quite a lot of homework to do each day, so I took Monsoon out by myself a lot. No big deal, he's a fun little guy. Except when he has to potty, because for some reason kids wait until the last possible moment to tell you they have to go. The last possible moment.

If anyone has ever been to Virginia Beach, you know how wide the beach part actually is. It's a long freakin walk from the boardwalk to the ocean. Monsoon and I hefted (yeah, I hefted, 'cause he had enough trouble walking in the sand with just himself) all our beach gear and bottles (not plastic, don't worry) of water and sand toys and whatnot all the way across the sand to a nice crowded spot. Then he tells me he has to potty.

There are porta-pots along boardwalk, but that was another hike back across the sand and did I really want to leave all our crap laying there and I was hot and ready to get into the water. So I told him...

"Just go in the ocean. The fish do it."

Yes, I know it's gross so judge me all you want. It took some convincing and trash-talking the porta-potty, but he finally agreed. I led him to the water, kept walking after he dropped my hand, and looked back to see him dropping trou before his toes even touched the water. Ack!

I ran over and quickly pulled up his drawers, "No, Honey Pot! We have to leave your shorts on and go IN the ocean first." He looked at me as if I had gone insane. It was the opposite of everything I had been teaching him since he first stopped wearing diapers nearly two years ago.

Nope, he wouldn't do it. No way, no way. I ended up having to run back to the boardwalk, practically carrying him to get there in time, and wouldn't ya know it.... he didn't just have to pee. Thank God my kid has some sense, because I've lost it somewhere along the way.

It wasn't as awkward as it could have been, but I got some mighty nasty looks when he pulled down his pants.

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Sassy Britches said...

Awww, bless his little confused heart! Parents will get you into trouble every time. :)

Grand Pooba said...

Haha! Guess both of you have to be a little more specific!

Kathy B! said...

Thank goodness he made it.

Can you imagine if he'd pooped right there in the beach?! Or on you as you ran him to the porta-potty. Good grief. That could've really ended badly.

Corinne said...

This made me smile - no judgement here ;) I took my not yet potty trained son to the beach today without a swim diaper and just let him go for a few hours!

Jennifer said...

Everybody pees in the ocean. I betcha no one was trekking across the sand just to take a leak.

Amy said...

He really had to go. You are a great Mom. Yeah for saving the day..

H F W said...

Don't you love that about preschoolers and toddlers? Everything is very black and white, and sometimes when mommy just needs a shortcut ... it backfires! lol, what a smartie!

Jen said...

Too funny! I can totally see how that would be confusing to a preschooler!! Glad you made it to potties in time!!

Julia said...

Do not feel bad.

Wyatt has been taught to pee outside from a very early age.

Last year, while loading groceries in the truck in the middle of the parking lot I turned to see Wyatt standing on the running board peeing a golden rainbow arch into the adjacent parking spot.

Lady getting in her car one full spot removed says, "Don't worry. I have boys..." That made me feel so much better. NOT!!

I have to train my kid to pee in the toilet.

Michelle said...

That is HILARIOUS! I love it. fortunately my motto of you'll never see those people again comes in handy. Again :)

Carrie said...

hahaha. Great post! I can just imagine how confused the poor dear was. :)

Rachel said...

LOL. I feel for parents. There's a lot going on when taking care of a little one! I give you props for your effort! ;)

PS. Found your blog from Tova