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Friday, September 25

A superhero & his supervillain

You may think Batman and The Joker are enemies, but you would be wrong. See here? In this top-secret photo, it's obvious how they are the best of friends. Doesn't Batman look soooo happy? Well, he should look happy, anyway - I made his costume by hand (far be it for me to figure out how to work a sewing machine) and he insisted that I be his Joker. So far, he wants to do the same thing again this Halloween.

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Lolli said...

I'm so glad to know that the whole enemy thing was just a show. ;) Cute photo!

Emmy said...

Yes, it doesn't look like Batman is very happy with you at the moment. :)
Great costumes!

Erin said...

LOVE the Batman costume, how creative!

H F W said...

Great job on that costume! It looks awesome.
Also, you are a great sport for dressing up with your son. You'll be the hit of the neighborhood for Halloween, I'm sure.

~ shi ~ said...

I love his look!..How priceless!