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Sunday, February 15

Top Ten Posts for Barking Mad

Barking Mad is hosting a Give-away for a $250 Target gift card! Wa-hoo! Post a link to your own personal fav 5-10 posts, and link to Mr. Linky at Barking Mad. Here are mine:

  1. Pea'd Down Her Leg

  2. Profile of a Superhero

  3. Stinking Old

  4. Sitting In Pee

  5. Preschool Anxiety

  6. Keeping Up With The Grandmas

  7. The Lost Cookie

  8. Not Newsworthy, After All

  9. Fingers: On Pulling and Pointing

  10. The Shower Head Incident


Call Me Cate said...

Can't wait to read some of these! I'll sae it for tomorrow when I'm "working". Hahahaha, working...

A. said...

Awesome list of fabulously funny posts. Some I had read before, but a few were new to me, so I wanted to say thanks for the laughs & good luck!

Word Verification: colonflu

Mammatalk said...

The Showerhead incident intrigues me! :-)

joanofalltrades said...

Am I the only person noticing a common theme here with some of these posts? ;)

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

Cate: "working - hahaha!" That cracks me up.

A. : glad you laughed! colonflu sounds disgusting.

Mammatalk: Not as interesting as you might think, huh?

Joan: Yeah, well... what can I say? I'm a dirty girl. :)